Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25th to 29th Promotion

Hello all,

I'm giving away some freebies this week. How to get it?
1. Browse through our catalogs here.
2. Any orders by this Friday worth RM150 will entitle you a special gift from tupperware@elinazz.
3. Join us @ a fee of RM60 and get 1 MM Oval, 2 MM Round, a starter kit, 20% discounts on all items for the rest of your life, a limited edition AP mug and another gift specially from tupperware@elinazz*
4. New consultants will get to purchase a 2nd income kit worth RM318 at only RM200 which is almost 40% less(Yes, only for new comers)
5. 20% is not enough? Get your 2 or more of your friends to join and you'll be automatically promoted to Star Consultant with 25% discounts to enjoy for the rest of your life

*Terms and condition apply.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

1st April - 14 May 2011 Promotions

One Touch Sunshine Set RM169.00(Normal RM211.30)

Rainbow Midgets(6) ONLY RM9.90 with every purchase of One Touch Sunshine Set

1. Tapau Set RM136.90

2. CrystalWave Soup Mug(2) RM38.80

3. Reheatable Divided Lunch Box(1) RM39.60

Mums On-the-go Set RM73.90(Normal RM92.90)

1. Large Square Round(3) 2L RM68.70

2. Medium Sq. Round(4) RM69.60

3. Square Round(4) RM52.80

4. Square Round Gift Set RM189.00

Snowflake Petit(4) RM36.00

A467 Snowflake Petit(8) RM59.80(Normal RM72.00)


1. Fridge Water Bottle(2) 2L RM 79.80

FREE One Touch Bowl(1) worth 13.50


1. Modular Keeper With Grid(1) RM86.90

2. Handy Cool(2) 1L RM 59.80

3. Rectangular Water Container(1) 8.7L RM94.20

1. FreezerMate Essential Set RM193.00

2. FreezerMate Medium Set RM154.30

3. FreezerMate Starter Set RM82.90(Normal RM105.00)

3d. Deep Pocket FreezerMate(3) 1.5L RM54.90(Normal RM85.20) with purchase of No. 3

1. Precious Baby Collection RM89.30(Normal RM105.00)

Formula Dispenser RM16.90(Normal RM24.90) with purchase of No. 1

Lime-Lemon Rectangular(4) RM66.90(Normal RM 83.60)

1. MM Essential Set RM 209.60

2. MM Rectangular Set RM143.20

3. MM Starter Set RM86.50


1. Garlic-N-All Keeper(1) 3L RM59.90

2. Season Serve(1) RM49.80


1. Ezy Pour Medium(2) 600ml RM59.80(Normal RM66.40)

With purchase on No. 1....get Ezy Multi Pour(1) 330ml @ RM9.90(Normal RM29.60) and FREE Mini Ezy Petit Pour(1) 30ml worth RM15.00

2. Multipurpose Shears(1) RM81.60(Normal RM96.00)

3. Can Opener(1) RM67.00(Normal RM78.80)

Rice Dispenser(1) 10.5kg RM266.00(Normal RM288.00) only at tupperware@elinazz

Steam It RM49.90

Salt N Spice Set(2) RM23.70(Normal RM29.60) with every purchase of Steam It


Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set RM165.00

1. Legacy Floria Bowls(4) RM25.60

2. Legacy Floria Plates(4) RM44.80

3. Caribbean Mugs with Seals(4) RM46.80


1. TupperChef Wok(1) RM390.20(Normal RM459.00)

2. TupperChef Fryer with Glass Cover(1) RM273.00)

1. Outdoor Cooler(1) 8.7L RM99.80

2. Water Dispenser(1) 14.5L RM156.80

3. Small Goody Box with Cariolier(4) RM73.80

4. Large Square Away(4) RM61.60

5. B2B Slice & Stor(2) RM49.90(Normal RM 59.80)

6. B2B Snak Stor(1) RM39.90

7. GOFLEX(2) RM69.80

1. Beverage Buddy(1) 2L RM36.30

2. Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch(1) RM39.20

3. High Handolier with Pouch(1) RM52.90

Bold Beauties(4) RM42.80(Normal RM50.40) --Sangat cantekkk!

1. Fresh Lime & Chill Blue Eco Bottle(2) 1L RM49.80 -- Hottest product!!

Get a FREE Eco Bottle Keychain(1) worth RM8.90 with purchase on No. 1

Eco Bottle Strap(1) RM5.90

2. Activ Quencher(1) RM38.80

Micro Mug(1) 300ml ONLY RM 2.90 with every purchase of Tupperware Brands products worth RM190.00

Monday, November 15, 2010

15 November - 31 December 2010 Promotions

The most awaited offers are here. Loads of new products, and most importantly, at great PRICES! Watch out for the new Tapau set and Eco Bottle Spring(in smaller sizes with 5 colours to choose from)..happy shopping.

TaPau Set - RM99.00 and get a free Cutlery Set(2)
Eco Bottle Spring(4) 500ml - RM64.80
Buy 2 sets and get Eco Berry(1) for free, and u'll also get to purchase a long bottle brush at Rm6.90 only.

Frosty Trio(3) - RM 71.20 -----NOW ONLY RM56.90

1. Elegancia Bowl(1) 2.3L - RM77.20
2. Elegancia Bowls(1) 1.5L - RM64.20
3. Elegancia Petit Pour(1) 350ml - RM35.00 --- Get it at RM16.90 with every purchase of RM300
Buy both 2.3L & 1.5L and get a 15% discounts at only RM 119.00(Normal price RM141.80)
and u'll also get to buy the Elegancia Platter(1) at RM33.60(Normal price RM48.00)

1. Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set - RM165.00
2. Legacy Floria Bowls(4) - RM20.50(NP RM25.60)
3. Legacy Floria Plates(4) - rm35.80(NP RM35.80)
4. Giant Pitcher(1) 4.2L - RM64.80
5. Carribbean Mugs with Seals(4) - RM46.80

Large Square Away(4) - RM49.30(NP RM61.60)
My Happy Lunch Set - RM57.50
40% discounts on Snack Cups(2) x 2 with purchase of My Happy Lunch Set - RM16.60(NP RM27.60)

1. Large Deep Plates(4) - RM34.60 (NP RM38.40)
2. Double Deep with Carioler(2) - RM57.40 (NP RM63.80)
Buy both enjoy more discounts - RM81.70(NP RM 102.20) and get to purchase Tupperware Table Cloth at RM19.90 ONLY (NP RM69.90)
Eco SOS Set - RM36.60 (NP RM40.70)

Cook's Basic Set - RM178.80 (NP RM238.40) FREE Chilli Keeper(1)
Ezy Paste w Spoon - RM53.80 (NP RM59.80)
Garlic-N-All Keeper(1) - RM 59.90

TupperChef Wok RM399.00(NP RM 459.00)
get a free Modular Colander with Seal(1) and 10 Recipe cards
Works great with Steam It!

Want this?? Sign up now! And u'll get to buy this at a veryyyyyyyyyyyyy crazy price.

Every RM100.00 purchase, I'm giving this bag for free.