Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25th to 29th Promotion

Hello all,

I'm giving away some freebies this week. How to get it?
1. Browse through our catalogs here.
2. Any orders by this Friday worth RM150 will entitle you a special gift from tupperware@elinazz.
3. Join us @ a fee of RM60 and get 1 MM Oval, 2 MM Round, a starter kit, 20% discounts on all items for the rest of your life, a limited edition AP mug and another gift specially from tupperware@elinazz*
4. New consultants will get to purchase a 2nd income kit worth RM318 at only RM200 which is almost 40% less(Yes, only for new comers)
5. 20% is not enough? Get your 2 or more of your friends to join and you'll be automatically promoted to Star Consultant with 25% discounts to enjoy for the rest of your life

*Terms and condition apply.

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